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Auxiliary Machinery And Equipment

Auxiliary Machinery

Within a hollowcore factory there are a number of tasks to be carried out as part of the production process, other than the casting of concrete slabs themselves.

These include cleaning, oiling and wiring of casting beds and moulds; secondary detailing on slabs; and removal of finished product from the beds.

Whilst some of these jobs can be carried out manually, Spiroll can also offer a wide range of supporting machinery and equipment such as lifting clamps, a bed cleaner, a weep hole driller, a detailing machine and a concrete aspirator. This range of machinery offers a reduction in labour costs and greater efficiency in the production cycle.

Lifting Equipment+


Spiroll offers a range of lifting clamps and beams for safely removing Spiroll Slabs from the production beds and transferring them either to the stock yard or directly onto trailers. Clamps and beams come in a range of different sizes and capacities to allow for the various depths, profiles and lengths of slabs produced.

The clamps have an automatic locking system, which means the crane driver can operate the production and stockyard clamp on his own without leaving the cabin. Lifting beams can either be fixed or telescopic, and with the addition of extra lifting eyes can be customised to alter the distance between the clamps.

Bed Cleaner+

Hollow core_Machinery_Bed_Cleaner

The Spiroll Bed Cleaner is a multi-purpose machine designed to speed up the labour-intensive activities in the manual preparation of the casting beds.

It can be powered by a water-cooled, four-cylinder, low-emission diesel engine and is hydraulically controlled by the operator who sits within the safety of the protective cabin. It can also be powered via battery or electric.

Travelling in the reverse direction at a speed of up to 40 metres per minute, the bed cleaner has three brushes and sprays a light even coat of mould oil/release agent to the entire width of the bed. It is also designed for simultaneous multi-strand pulling. The hydraulic strand carrier can pull up to 10 x 12.5 mm prestressing strands at a time.


  • Rotating main bed brush
  • Two additional chamfer rail brushes
  • Six mould oil spray nozzles
  • Pulls up to 10 x 12.5 mm strands
  • Slab insulation cover roller
  • Low emission four-cylinder diesel engine

Weep Hole Driller+


The Spiroll Weep Hole Driller is used to create water drainage holes in hollowcore slabs. The operation is carried out as part of the bed stripping process to minimise double handling of the slab, achieving maximum efficiency during the production process.

A master trolley and a slave trolley are connected together by means of an umbilical cord to transmit power and controls from one to the other. The machine runs on the casting bed rails and uses various drill combinations to make holes in different core profiles, and on slabs up to a length of 20 m. The machine drills at an adjustable distance from each end of the hollowcore slab. .

The weep hole driller has an automated cut sequence that drastically reduces costs associated with performing these tasks manually. Converting to a machine process also provides a number of health and safety benefits.


  • Automated cut sequence
  • 45-second drilling process
  • Full, accurate and consistent weep holes
  • Adjustable for different slab profiles, lengths and hole positions
  • Easy drill maintenance
  • Operator positioned away from dust
  • Enclosed drilling

Detailing Machine+

Hollow core_Detailing_Machine

The Spiroll Detailing Machine is used to improve manual detailing of hollowcore slabs. Designed to make longitudinal cuts in fresh concrete, the machine follows directly after the casting machine to provide a faster and more economical cut than a standard bed saw.

Optional extras for the Detailing Machine include a weep hole drilling head and a cover roller.


  • Worn blades can be used
  • No waer or dust production
  • Hydraulic wheel drive
  • 0.5 m3 mixer with chute for wet concrete placement
  • Electrically powered
  • Optional weep hole drill and cover roller

Concrete Aspirator+


The Spiroll Concrete Aspirator is a vacuum suction machine designed to remove concrete from green hollowcore slabs after casting, reducing the amount of labour required for slab detailing. It can be powered electrically or via a low-emission diesel engine.

The operator uses the suction nozzle equipped with a water jet to emulsify the concrete and allow removal. Push-button controls on the suction nozzle allow the operator to move the machine forward and back, to avoid interrupting the operation every time an area of concrete is removed.


  • One person operation
  • Hydraulically driven controls
  • Water jet to ease suction
  • 3 m3 waste storage tank
  • Additional jets and suction points for rail cleaning
  • Diesel or electrical power options
  • Power washer for cleaning
  • 700 litre water tank
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