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Extruded Spiroll Slabs have good unsupported long span characteristics with excellent load carrying capacities and are used extensively for floors, roofs and walls in both residential, commercial and industrial building projects.

Spiroll's range of extruders includes the Vortex Extruder and the Universal Extruder both designed and built by its team of experienced engineers and delivers optimum efficiencies.

Vortex Extruder+


The Vortex is a high-performance extruder which minimises downtime and reduces the cost of hollowcore slab production.

The universal power unit enables a 10-minute product change with a ‘plug and play’ system for depths from 150 mm to 500 mm. Patented replaceable auger ends allow worn parts to be changed directly on the machine.

High-frequency vibrator motors (up to 12,000 rpm) are located within the forming mandrels to give more direct transmission of vibration to the concrete.

This results in higher compaction, and reduces the number of moving parts. Incorporating a mandrel drive and static follower tube, the Vortex can produce supremely efficient hollow core slab profiles. This means lower raw material usage, lighter self-weight and higher structural performance.


  • Replaceable auger ends
  • 10-minute ‘plug and play’ cassette system for different slab depths
  • Dynacore internal vibrator motors up to 12,000 rpm
  • Efficient slab profiles
  • PLC with touch screen HMI for complete production control

Universal Extruder+

Hollow core_Extruder_Universal

The design of the Universal Extruder ensures that hollowcore slab production is low cost, extremely reliable and of the highest quality. The functional design means it very easy to use, set-up and maintain.

The extruder works with auger drive combined with a 9000 rpm high-frequency vibration system. It produces prestressed concrete hollowcore slabs with early strengths; consistent high quality finishes; low cement content; high load-bearing capacities; excellent strand bond and low camber. The full range of hollowcore slab depths from 150 mm to 400 mm can be manufactured, and the unique quick-change power unit takes just 10 minutes to swap from one cassette depth to another. Spiroll's Universal Extruder makes hollow core slabs suitable for both floor and wall panel applications.


  • Quick change power unit
  • Slab depths from 150 mm to 350 mm
  • High-frequency vibration
  • Noise reduction system
  • Hydraulic cable reeler
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