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Equipment and Accessories

Equipment and accessories

Spiroll can provide a range of prestressing equipment and accessories to match the requirements of any prestressed concrete production setup.

This includes hydraulic pumps and stressing jacks, bed end grips, cleaning and testing equipment. All equipment is fully CE marked to meet European factory regulations, and is fully calibrated before delivery. Components including open grips, spring loaded anchors (SLA) and double ended joints (DEJ) are manufactured in the UK to quality standard BS EN ISO 9001: 2008. The company also offers the Rapidcut range of cutting equipment for use with prestress wire and strand, rebar and wire mesh.

All Spiroll equipment is designed to help maintain an accurate and safe stressing operation.

Stressing Pumps+


The SR3000 Pump has been designed specifically to provide a fast stressing operation. The highly modular design of this hydraulic pump facilitates maintenance and servicing, while its robust construction provides excellent protection even in the toughest factory conditions.

Stressing Jacks+


A full range of prestressing jacks to pull wire from 3 mm to 7 mm and strand from 8 mm to 18 mm is available. Jacks can be supplied in short (200 mm) stroke and long (500 mm) stroke options. They are designed and built to high quality standards, are extremely robust and reliable, require minimal maintenance, and are able to withstand the rigours of precast production.

Open Grips+


The Open Grip is the most common type of prestressing grip, and is comprised of a 2 or 3 piece wedge and barrel. Its design enables the wedge position to be checked easily during use, and allows unique accessibility during detensioning. These grips are easy to clean, inspect and reassemble to ensure a safe stressing operation.

Spring Loaded Anchors (SLA)+


Spring Loaded Anchors (SLAs) are generally used at the dead (non-stressing) end of the bed, and incorporate the same wedges as open grips. They have a larger barrel, and an internal spring mechanism that ensures the wedge is seated correctly, preventing movement due to work being carried out at the live (stressing) end. SLAs are available with both threaded and bayonet type caps. Threaded cap anchors can be joined together with a centre plug to make a double-ended joint.

Double Ended Joints (DEJ)+


Double Ended Joints (DEJs) enable two lengths of strand or wire to be connected together. They consist of two tapered barrels each containing a wedge and spring joined together by a knurled centre plug allowing simple and safe assembly.

Strand Pusher+

Hollow core_Production_Equipment_Strand_Pusher

The Strand Pusher has been developed to speed up the process of wiring production beds for prestressed concrete products, and also to help create a safer working environment. It is a lot less labour intensive and eliminates the high level of manual work that is normally required when performing this task.



Rapidcut is a pneumatic cutting tool designed to simplify and improve the process of cutting prestress wire and strand, as well as rebar and wired mesh. The Rapidcut range of cutters consists of 12 different models to suit every cutting requirement.

The Rapidcut runs on compressed air and is extremely fast, with speeds of up to 60 cuts per minute. With interchangeable blades, and taking only one bite in the cutting process, it achieves high levels of efficiency.

In addition to increased efficiency, using the Rapidcut is a safer operation than other cutting methods. Lightweight construction avoids unnecessary bending and the design means operatives are positioned away from the cutting point.

The pneumatic power of the cutter means no dust, vibration or sparks. Noise and HAVS regulations that govern other cutting techniques do not apply to the Rapidcut. The Rapidcut will cut prestress wire and strand from 4 mm to 12.5 mm and rebar from 6 mm to 16 mm.

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